Community Language School Program


We are getting ready to commission with further timings to be shared, this is where we are at:

  • Discover 2020

    Review of the ACT Community Language Schools Program undertaken.

  • Strategise January – September 2022

    We will use the review to identify any service gaps or emerging community needs.

  • Design  November - December 2022

    Together we will use insights of the review to guide future program design for each program- identifying service or program specifications and the determining the right service mix to meet community needs.

  • Invest January 2023

    We will use the new service and program specifications to guide investment approaches.

  • Deliver  January 2023 – onwards

Cycle: 1

Commissioner: Community Services Directorate

Status: Deliver

We maintain collaboration between sector partners and commissioner to deliver the desired outcomes. In this phase we will:


With nearly 1 in 4 Canberrans speaking a language other than English at home, Canberra is a proud multicultural city.

A wide range of initiatives to meet the needs of Canberra’s growing multicultural community and foster a community that is inclusive and welcoming. Through the Community Language School Program (the Program) more than 2000 Canberra students are educate in their languages and culture. The Program builds connection within communities, encourages social cohesion, and strengthens familial ties through shared language.

Commissioning applies a consistent way of working together – government and non-government – to keep the human services system – which includes the Community Language Schools Program - responsive to needs.

Commissioning is our opportunity to ensure our multicultural services are effectively meeting the needs of our growing population with the ACT being home to more than 116,750 culturally and linguistically diverse people.

Engagement and collaboration

The Commissioner (government) undertook a Review of ACT Community Language Schools (the Review) in 2020.

Although prior to the ACT commissioning approach, the Review identified community need, challenges, service providers and opportunities to improve service design, investment, and delivery.

The Commissioner is using this review to inform engagement with organisations and people with lived experience to further validate community needs, service design options and determine investment approaches.

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