Youth Week

ACT Youth Week | 12-21 April 2019

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ACT Youth Week is a week-long celebration of young people (aged 12 - 25 years).

ACT Youth Week provides young people with the opportunity to express their ideas and views, and act on issues that impact on them and their peers. It is also a time to celebrate, to have fun and highlight the positive contributions young people make to their community. Each year, all over Australia, events are planned and organised to celebrate and recognise the contribution of young people.

In the ACT we have a proud tradition of celebrating youth and recognising the many positive ways that young Canberrans are involved within our community.

The Inclusion and Participation Division within the Community Services Directorate (CSD) are pleased to announce the availability of the 2019 ACT Youth Week Grants. These Grants are a component of the ACT Government Youth InterACT initiative.

The ACT Youth Week Grants are based on youth participation and encouraging young people to develop, implement and facilitate youth focused projects in the ACT community.

In 2019, events in Canberra will be organised to celebrate and recognise the contribution of young people.

The ACT Youth Week Grant program

Youth Week Grants are now closed - view the recipients.

The ACT Youth Week Grant program is available to assist groups of young people to organise events for other young people. These Grants provide funding for innovative new projects that enable young people aged 12 – 25 years old to lead and participate in community development activities targeted for other young people in Canberra and the region.

There are many ways that an activity / event or project could be facilitated. For instance through: