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For further information contact Youth InterACT on or (02) 6205 3064.

The ACT Youth Assembly

The ACT Youth Assembly is a deliberative democracy process that will draw out key ideas and policy recommendations. It will encourage direct participation to inform well-considered public decisions.

Aimed at a diverse range of young people aged 12 to 25 throughout the ACT, the ACT Youth Assembly focuses on young people speaking on the following issues that are important to them:

If you would like to discuss anything further, please feel free to contact the Youth InterACT team on or 62053064.

Youth Think Tank - Social Inclusion: Thinking All Round

The Social Inclusion: Thinking All Round Youth Think Tank included:

The Social Inclusion: Thinking All Round Youth Think Tank provided an opportunity for young people to come together and discuss the concept of social inclusion through the following four focus areas: Cultural Cohesion, Inclusive Environments, Sexual Diversity and Youthism.

Each Thank Tank explored focus areas in depth, discussing how the community currently creates the opportunity for young people to feel socially included and how individuals can be better equipped to contribute to an inclusive and cohesive community.

Creating the space for local young people to talk about their experiences and generate solutions is essential to creating an inclusive community. The Think Tank provided a platform for young people to discuss issues, strengthening community resilience and harmony and creating a safer community for all.

For more information please contact Youth InterACT at or 62053064.