Youth InterACT

Youth InterACT is the ACT Government youth participation strategy which encourages participation by young people in the community and to provide opportunities for young people to contribute to discussions on youth issues, to participate in Government policies and programs on matters concerning young people. This includes advising the Minister, on the issues and concerns of young people in the ACT.

Initiatives comprise:

Youth InterACT aims:

To actively involve young people in decision making processes about topical issues that affect and interest young people.

To engage young people in meaningful ways in all areas of life at an individual, organisational and community level and ensures they have a voice within the government;

To ensure young people experience elements of citizenship and democracy in their everyday lives, in realistic and holistic situations, with meaningful outcomes and actions resulting from this participation, and

To provide funding to young people who wish to attend an activity of a learning capacity, conferences, personal or career development, or wish to put on an event or run a project for young people in the ACT.