Blueprint for Youth Justice in the ACT 2012-22

Annual Progress Report 2015

Section 2 Progress on actions

The Blueprint’s goals are underpinned by seven strategies for reducing risk factors, strengthening protective factors and achieving long-term change in the ACT youth justice systemTiles.

The Blueprint strategies encourage government agencies to work together more closely and with community organisations, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and other communities, schools and others to address youth crime and risk factors that lead to offending.

Each strategy is supported by practical actions for delivery, set out in the Blueprint’s first three-year action plan. The actions are a ‘to-do list’ that focus on reducing youth crime by promoting early intervention, prevention and diversion. This work has involved collaboration between police, courts and youth justice services.

The information presented in the progress tables at Appendix A tracks achievements against actions set out in the action plan.

The tables highlight significant work against individual actions, rather than providing a comprehensive list of initiatives delivered between 2012 and 2015.

Notably, of the 45 actions in the plan 42 are complete or substantially complete, and work is underway to finalise three actions.

Blueprint strategies:

Summary of progress on actions

Of the 45 initiatives in the three-year action plan:

Action Table


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