Income Means Testing

Income Means Testing and Proof Documents for the Women’s Return to Work Grants Program

Income and employment status may be assessed via the following evidence:

  • tax assessment; or payslips
  • Centrelink evidence such as a Pension, Health Care Card or a Low Income Health Care Card.

The income means test is based on gross income. See table below for maximum income level to apply for the Return to Work Grant.

Status Weekly Income Annual Income
Single or couple combined, one dependant $1042.50 $54,210.00
Two dependants $1085.00 $56,420.00
Three dependants $1127.50 $58,630.00
Four dependants $1170.00 $60, 840.00
Five dependants $1212.50 $63,050.00
Six dependants $1255.00 $65, 260.00

For each additional dependant an additional $42.50 per fortnight may be added to maximum income.
You must also provide supporting evidence to confirm residency in the ACT for at least the previous three months. One of the following documents may be provided:

  • Residential tenancy agreement/Lease agreement. If you are boarding or lodging, a statutory declaration may be presented confirming place of residency.
  • Utility Bills, such as electricity, gas, phone etc.
  • Driver’s licence.
  • Bank statements.

These documents must all be at least three months old to show you have been in the ACT for three months.

To prove caring responsibilities for at least 12 months the following may be provided:

  • Birth certificate containing both the applicant’s and child’s full names
  • A Medicare card combined with a pension card that both list at least one child
  • Centrelink evidence of caring responsibilities for 12 months
  • A Statutory Declaration stating details of caring responsibilities (who, when, for how long)

The originals of these documents must be sighted so please bring with you to interview. Photo ID is also required.