2016 Enrichment Grant Recipients

Six young Canberra women have been awarded grants of up to $2,000 in 2016 to complete projects, develop their skills, and enhance their knowledge in their chosen career path or area of passion.

Mercedes Bowers has been awarded a grant to participate in the HASSE Space Program study tour in December 2016 in America. This grant funding will directly contribute towards the cost of the study tour and provide Mercedes with the opportunity to tour NASA venues, gain hands on experience, engage with key leaders, and meet engineers and scientists, in the field of astronomy. The HASSE Space Program will benefit her long term career goal as a pilot in the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Arwen Crampton has been awarded funding towards mountain bike equipment and expenses to compete in the 2016/17 Mountain Bike National Races. She plans to race in the National Mountain Biking (MTB) Series and the Australian National MTB championships competitively for her age group U15 Women. She plans to upgrade her bike to a lighter, competitive, and more reliable race bike, undertake high level coaching, and travel to races in NSW, VIC and QLD in 2017.

Jade Esler has received a grant to put towards obtaining a Recreational Pilots License (RPL) before her 16th birthday. Jade has completed her first solo flight which she undertook on her 15th birthday making her Australia's youngest pilot. With the grant money, she intends on purchasing charts and equipment associated with the navigation stage of flight training, undertake navigation theory training and practical flight training. She plans to achieve her goal of obtaining all possible licenses at the earliest possible age, and work towards a long term goal of a career in aviation.

Amolika Iyengar wants to raise awareness of gender inequality in media to change the attitude of her peers and the wider ACT community. She has received funding to create an e-magazine for all ACT School libraries and hold community awareness events that feature exhibitions and panel discussions. The online magazine will focus on the multicultural ACT community and can be shared across the internet to inform and engage a large number of people of different ages, including school students. Exhibitions and panel discussions of women in advertisements and movies from 1950s to the present will be held in the community hall and school in 2017, to show how the portrayal of women in media has not changed overtime.

Mateja Kostrica receives funding towards developing the Mateja Voluntary Work Journey program.
She will travel to Fiji under the Projects Abroad Volunteer Program to volunteer and help build self-reliance, initiative and leadership skills in local schools.

Ella Martin has been awarded funding to develop her small business: Ella’s Fashion Brand and Bags. Heraim is to design and make handbags in her own fashion label to sell at markets in the summer school holidays. She would like to expand her small business in the future to sell at markets, shops and on the internet. She aspires to a career in fashion design.