2014 Audrey Fagan Young Women Enrichment Grants Recipients

Twelve young Canberra women have been awarded grants of up to $2,000 to develop their skills, and to enhance their knowledge in their chosen career path.

This year saw a diversity of projects undertaken by the young women. Such as, sister act Chelsey and Alexia Hamilton combating their way to the World Cadet Championships in Judo. Monisha Dhawan is attending the National Youth Science Forum here in Canberra, whilst Inez Kozak is off to Melbourne to learn more about architecture. Budding artists, Belinda Smith, Anthea Duve, Kirsten Busby and play write Nathalie Cerritelli are keeping us entertained with music, song and plays.

A photo of 2014 Enrichment Recipients

Left to Right:

Georgina Holt is an aspiring film maker with an eye to create films that challenge stereotypes and have strong female characters. The grant will allow her to purchase film equipment to develop her filming and editing skills to create a short film journal.


Holly Ross has already achieved leading roles in such plays as the King and I, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicoloured Dream Coat. This grant will support Holly to attend the Dramatic Arts, Youth Musical Theatre Residency to develop her performing arts skills and prepare for her future studies.

A photo of Holly Ross and Maureen Sheehan


Kirsten Busby is an aspiring young singer who wants to enhance her singing skills in preparation for auditions in local and interstate productions. The grant will assist her to convert her music sheets into Braille and complement her singing lessons.

A photo of Kirsten Busby and Maureen Sheehan


Alexia Hamilton has been competing in Judo for 18 months with her whole family including her older sister Chelsey. In this short time Alexia has achieved gold medallist at the ACT International Open and ranked second in Australia in her age and weight division. The grant will support her attend interstate competitions with the future goal to represent Australia at the
World Cadet Championships in Sarajevo in 2015.

A photo of Alexia Hamilton and Maureen Sheehan


Chelsey Hamilton is a part of the talented Hamilton family and has also been competing in Judo for 18 months. She has already achieved silver medallist at the Cadet and Junior Women Victorian Open. The grant will support her attend interstate competitions. Chelsey also hopes to represent Australia at the World Cadet Championships in Sarajevo in 2015.

A photo Chelsey Hamilton and Maureen Sheehan


Ruby Whalan is an experienced humanitarian who hopes to return to Cambodia during her university studies as a volunteer. Ruby’s goal is to complete her studies in international development and a post graduate in medicine. The grant will help her learn the Khmer language and support her community development efforts alongside the Cambodian locals.

A photo of Ruby Whalan and Maureen Sheehan


Monisha Dhawan has had a keen interest in science for several years and one day hopes to be a doctor. The grant will assist her attend the National Youth Science Forum and be inspired by Australia’s leading scientists.

A photo of Monisha Dhawan and Maureen Sheehan


Inez Kozak has her mind set on becoming an architect and is already gaining practical experience, shadowing her mentor and local female architect. The grant will enable her to attend the Monash Art, Design and Architecture program in Melbourne to prepare her portfolio for her university applications.

A photo of Inez Kosak and Maureen Sheehan


Belinda Smith has shown great resilience and dedication to have completed seven years of piano studies. She hopes to achieve a degree in music and become a music teacher for children. The grant will assist Belinda to continue to attend piano lessons and sit her Australian Music Examinations Board exams.

A photo of Belinda Smith and Maureen Sheehan


Anthea Duve values the stress relief piano lessons provide in dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She hopes to pass on her lessons learnt to other dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The grant will assist her continue her piano studies.

A photo of Anthea Duve and Maureen Sheehan


Nathalie Cerritelli has written a play that she will direct at this year’s school production. Nathalie hopes her play with young people characters in an Australian context, will be used by other schools. The grant will assist her publish her play “Love Me for Me”.

A photo of Nathalie Cerritelli and Maureen Sheehan


Kelsey Drabsch is an aspiring photographer. Kelsey will use the grant to purchase photography equipment to develop her portfolio and support her future photography projects.

 photo of Kelsey Drabsch and Maureen Sheehan