2013 Audrey Fagan Young Women's Enrichment Grants Recipients

Eleven young Canberra women been awarded grants of up to $2,000 to develop their skills, and to enhance their knowledge in their chosen career path.

One of this year’s recipients has combined her passion for beekeeping with her interest in photography and will document the skills needed to be a successful beekeeper. Other successful applicants for 2013 included an up and coming artist and entrepreneur, and three young Sudanese women who are passionate basketball players aiming to develop their leadership and mentoring skills.

Morning tea for 2013 successful recipients hosted Minister Women, Joy Burch MLA

Elizabeth Borowik has been volunteering at Pegasus Riding for the disabled for the past two years. Elizabeth did not grow up with horses, she has experienced firsthand that supporting children and adults with disability to ride a horse provides a sense of freedom and independence that is often difficult to achieve for some people with a disability. Elizabeth will use the grant to work towards a career which involves horses and benefits to the broader community.

Photo of Minister for Women with Elizabeth Borowik

Sarah Asis Sha’Non has combined two of her passions a bee keeper and a photographer. She intends to document the different skills required to be a bee keeper and will share her findings with the Beekeeping Association ACT. The grant will assist her to develop her bee keeping and documentary skills.

Photo of Minister for Women with Sarah Asis Sha'Non

Isobel D’Cruz is an up and coming artist who is hoping to explore her interest and skills in print making. Isobel will use the grant to enrol in three courses at Megalo Studios to further develop her skills as an artist.

Photo of Minister for Women with Isobel D'Cruz

Natasha Silver is a talented young artist and entrepreneur, who hopes to enter the Melbourne Face and Body Painting Convention and Awards in 2014. Natasha aims to further develop her natural artistic talents as well as her business skills.

Natasha was unable to attend the Morning Tea. Natasha’s mother Sarah received her certificate on her behalf.

Photo of Minister for Women with Natasha Silver's mother Sarah

Kristina Pace is working hard to achieve a high ATAR to enable her to go onto university to pursue a career in IT. Kristina will use the grant to assist in purchasing a laptop and software to further develop her IT skills.

Photo of Minister for Women with Kristina Pace

Sophee Watson hopes to compete in the 2014 Junior National Physie Championships. Her long term goal is to teach Physie to younger children. The grant will assist her further develop and advance her Physie skills to be competition ready.

Photo of Minister for Women with Sophee Watson

Elsa Huber is a budding violinist and hopes to join the junior level of the Canberra Youth Orchestra. Elsa will use her grant to purchase a new violin so she can improve her skills as a violinist.

Photo of Minister for Women with Elsa Huber

Achok Akoi, Nyankiir Abuoi and Abuk Mayen through basketball these three young Sudanese women have identified a desire to further develop their leadership skills. They would like to encourage other young Sudanese women to see the benefits of playing basketball. The grants will provide Achok, Nyankiir and Abuk with the opportunity to develop their skills to referee and coach basketball.

Photo of Minister Women with Achok Akoi, Nyankiir Abuoi and Abuk Mayen

Kristin Chait One of the five tenets Taekwon-do students follow is perseverance - learned this early, taking some time to convince her mum that martial arts would be fun and would improve her fitness. Kristin’s tenacity has assisted to achieve to compete at state, national and international levels. Kristin will use the funding to pursue competing in the National and World Taekwon-do Championships.

Photo of Minister for Women with Kristin Chait