2012-2013 ACT Women's Grant Recipients

2012-13 ACT Women's Grants Program Recipients [PDF 74KB] [Word 46KB]

Mental Health Foundation $5,000The Rosy Aprons Project - this project aims to provide an opportunity to ACT women with a mental illness to develop cooking skills, entrepreneurship and social engagement in the community.
National Association for Women in Construction $5,000NAWIC ACT Mentoring Program - This project will establish a mentoring program to support women currently in or looking to enter the construction and building industry in the ACT.
Women and Prison Group $5,000Supporting WAP Volunteers -this project aims to provide a 12 month pilot of external professional supervision for the Women and Prison group volunteers who provide peer support to women in and those exiting Alexander Maconchie Centre.
Toora Women $5,000Mothers: 100 Celebrations - this project will join with the Centenary of Canberra in recognising and celebrating the achievements of mothers in Canberra
Women With Disabilities ACT $5,000Circus Celebration Day - this project proposes an innovative way of engaging women with disability in learning new skills traditionally acquired by non-disabled women.
ACT Shelter $20,000Older Women and Homelessness: Strengthening the ACT Response -this project will undertake gendered research to identify strengths gaps and ways to improve the response to the housing and support requirements of older women.
Women’s Centre for Health Matters $24,580Financial Literacy for ACT Women -this project aims to support older women and women experiencing disadvantage to access targeted, basic, financial information that is appropriate and relevant to their needs. This project will complement the Audrey Fagan Financial Literacy one-off funding
Women’s Legal Centre $10,000Talking Turkey: A guide for Lesbian Mothers, Gay Fathers and Sperm Donors -the project will produce a publication on the legal rights and responsibilities of the parties involved in insemination, surrogacy and co-parenting arrangements - particularly relevant for lesbian mothers.
YWCA of Canberra $10,420Relationship Things - this project is to better equip young women and men with the skills to develop and maintain safe and respectful relationships, with the ultimate goal of preventing violence against women.
Women’s Centre for Health Matter $14,000Supporting the Media in the ACT with tools to encourage respectful reporting of violence against women and children -this project aims to improve community awareness of and conversations about violence against women and children to develop supporting tools for ACT media that highlights the importance of accurate and appropriate reporting of violence against women and children in the ACT.
Domestic Violence Crisis Service $14,000Staying Home after Domestic Violence -the project aims to identify gaps in current supports available to women subjected to violence who choose to remain in the home post crisis.
Canberra Rape Crisis Centre $12,000Summer of Respect 2013-2014 Campaign: Audio-visual online media campaign -this project aims to promote the Summer of Respect campaign and create awareness of and encourage conversation about sexual violence