Wendy Rainbird

2017 - ACT Senior Australian of the Year Nominee

Channelling her passion for the environment, Wendy Rainbird has devoted more than two decades to the preservation of the bush capital. As the Farrer Ridge ParkCare co-ordinator – an entirely voluntary role – Wendy has been instrumental in creating a signposted walk around the much-loved ridge. Her drive to protect the natural environment has taken her far beyond the borders of the national capital. She has been elected as environment adviser to the International Council for Women, which advocates for human rights for women.

Wendy was also the environment advisor for National Council of Women of Australia for six years, reporting on the impacts and consequences of climate change. A former teacher and active member of ACT Landcare, Wendy delights in taking groups including school children for walking tours along the tracks of Farrer Ridge. She’s led teachers’ training, run specialist workshops, written learning modules and examined education practice to help students gain a lifelong interest in sustainability.