Support Groups


A national, free application for women experiencing domestic and family violence

Women’s Legal Service Queensland with funding from Financial Literacy Australia have developed Penda, a national, free and simple to use app combining financial tips, safety and legal information and referrals for women who have experienced domestic and family violence.

Financial security is a key element in ensuring women’s long term safety from violence as poverty and financial hardship often cause women to stay in, or return to abusive relationships.

Penda includes information and referrals to services related to domestic and family violence, finances, emergency money, Centrelink and crisis payments, and managing money and debt after separation or divorce, child support and parenting, housing and property settlement, and visa and immigration.

The app is for women experiencing domestic and family violence in intimate relationships but may also be helpful for women experiencing violence in other types of relationships, or those who are separating or going through divorce.
Friends, family, employers and support people can use Penda to help others.
The safety of Penda users is paramount. Safety features include warnings prior to and after download, a lock screen game function and optional passcode access settings. Penda provides information on risk factors, safety planning, and the safe use of technology.

Penda can now be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Further information is available on our website Link A booklet of app content will also be available on this website shortly.

Stepping Forward

A group suitable for women wanting to reconnect socially after domestic violence. The group gets together each week to go for a relaxed 20-30 minute walk and catches-up at a local café; held during school terms.

Day and time: please contact DVCS on 6280 6999
Venue: North Canberra
Children: Children under school age are welcome

Moving On

A group suitable for women ready to develop strategies and personal resources for moving on after domestic violence, learning from and supporting each other.

Day and time: please contact DVCS on 6280 6999


The program is suitable for any woman (regardless of relationship status and whether she has experienced domestic or family violence) who wants to learn the basics of car maintenance, house maintenance, become more financially, computer or social media savvy and learn about the different sports available to children in Canberra. Women can attend one or more sessions, but bookings are essential for each session.

For more information please contact DVCS on 6280 6999.

Group for Men: Room4Change

A new service for men who want to change their violent and/or controlling behaviours. This includes individualised support and a men’s behaviour change group, within a six month program. Room4Change runs an eight week introductory group for men starting their journey toward non-violent relationships, Emerge. Emerge runs each school term.

Emerge then leads into a 20 week men’s behaviour change program called Taking Responsibility for Respectful Relationships.

For those who have completed the six month Room4Change program, a 17 week group for fathers, Caring Dads, helps fathers to recognise and prioritise their children’s needs and to use healthy parenting strategies.

For more information please contact DVCS on 6280 6999.

Seasons for Growth

A program for children aged 9 to 12 years who would like to meet with other children who have experienced family changes due to domestic violence. The program uses games, drawing and fun to assist with connecting and sharing.

Day and time: please contact DVCS on 6280 6999
Venue: North Canberra

GATHER Young Women’s Group

A group designed to assist young women to develop more confidence in social situations, find new friendships and reduce social isolation. The group visits different locations around Canberra each week and is driven by the wants and needs of the group members

Date: Every Thursday
Time: 2pm – 4pm
Venue: The Smith Family, Cnr Launceston and Easty Streets, Woden
Cost: Free
Contact: Sophie Mayer on 6221 9527 or Leanne Heald on 6221 9533