Community Recovery

The ACT Government provides community recovery services to assist individuals, families and communities deal with the impact of a disaster or major emergency event.

Under the ACT Emergency Plan, the Community Services Directorate is responsible for planning and managing recovery services. It does this through a dedicated unit - ACT Community Recovery.

ACT Community Recovery’s key role is in supporting the efforts of the community itself to recover from a disaster or major emergency event. It coordinates community initiatives aimed at minimising the overall impact of a disaster or major emergency event on individuals and the community as a whole. The breadth and level of services delivered by ACT Community Recovery depend on the type and severity of the disaster or emergency event.

The services required by people affected by an emergency may include personal, material and financial support, or temporary accommodation.

The ACT has a Community Recovery Sub-Committee that is tasked with providing a range of personal support services after a disaster or major emergency event. The Committee comprises a wide range of community and government organisations such as Red Cross, Anglicare, Mental Health and Animal Welfare. Personal support teams provide help and assistance to individuals in their recovery, including advice on counselling options.

People whose homes have been damaged or destroyed in a disaster or emergency event may require temporary accommodation. ACT Community Recovery coordinate agencies providing temporary accommodation to ensure people are properly housed.

Material assistance is the provision of essential personal and household items damaged, destroyed, or made inaccessible by a disaster or emergency event. Typically material assistance will involve the provision of such items as clothing, bedding and furniture. Agencies such as Salvation Army, Red Cross and St Vincent de Paul generally provide these services.

ACT Community Recovery continues to provide information and assistance to people affected by the January 2003 bushfires.

For further information about available assistance or the role of ACT Community Recovery contact Canberra Connect on 13 22 81 or email

ACT Community Recovery respects your privacy and information will only be provided to other organisations with your permission.