Family Violence

Family violence in any form is not, and never will be, acceptable in the Canberra community.Get out of here

Family violence has negative consequences for all of us. It violates the human rights of those affected, reduces access to housing and employment, impairs children’s health and development and is costly to our economy and our community.

Family violence is not just physical violence. One of the primary forms of violence is the use of power and control. Violence can include economic, financial and emotional abuse as well as physical violence.
One third of Australian women have experienced violence by someone who is known to them. The top health risk factor to Australian women aged between 18 and 44 is intimate partner violence.

Family violence is a widespread social problem that affects our entire society and does not discriminate on the basis of age, income levels, educational levels, or culture.

The Safer Families package is the largest action to address family violence across government and community organisations in Canberra’s history. The package is delivering more services in new ways, bringing family violence out of the shadows and ensuring those experiencing it get the help and support they need.