Why we need it

Change for the better

Research shows domestic and family violence services in the ACT are not meeting many people’s needs. Responses are often crisis-driven, focused on the justice system and oriented towards family separation. This creates fear among many communities. We need to improve people’s experiences when seeking help and achieving safety.

People affected by violence are most likely to confide in a person they trust, so it’s important these trusted people respond in the right way. We need to build services that work for everyone, reach people who are isolated and feel alone, and help children who have experienced trauma. Some people need tailored responses, including:

Linking all these people to the right supports before the violence starts can be life changing. With community input, the Family Safety Hub is exploring what we can do better and earlier to provide the right responses to people, when they need it.

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What’s happening now?

The Family Safety Hub has completed challenges related to two priority topics. Read about what is happening now.