What is happening now

Exploring challenges to generate new ideas

The Family Safety Hub brings the right people together to explore new approaches to services, programs and policies related to family and domestic violence. Through an intensive co-design process, we identified priority challenge topics the Hub will explore over the next few years.

Find out more about our first challenge topic.

First challenge topic—prevention and early intervention for pregnant women and new parents

We chose the topic because:

Our challenge workshop generated nearly 60 ideas on this topic. We are actively exploring the most promising ideas to see if they have the potential to address the challenge, including testing them with pregnant women, new parents and frontline workers.

Download this summary of the Family Safety Hub's first challenge [PDF 195KB]

Watch this short video on the Family Safety Hub’s first challenge.

First pilot—access to free legal services

Our first co-designed ‘try, test and learn’ pilot program is helping pregnant women and new families who are experiencing domestic and family violence to access free legal services.

We tested the idea of providing access to legal information with more than 55 health, community and legal professionals to see how it could work.

The pilot is providing free and confidential legal advice in locations where parents go for health or family appointments and may already have established relationships.

Maternity wards at Calvary Public Hospital, the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children and the Gungahlin Child and Family Centre are participating in this pilot.

We know people tend to seek help from trusted professionals so it’s important that health professionals can explain what services are available and reassure people about confidentiality.

We’ll continually evaluate the pilot to learn how useful the service is, how well it’s working, and how we might refine it as we go. Depending on the outcomes at the end of the pilot, we’ll either end the service, extended it, or scale it up.

Watch this short video on the Family Safety Hub’s first pilot program.

Second challenge topic – preventing housing and financial crisis we chose the topic because:

Following a period of discovery research and insights gathering the Family Safety Hub held a challenge workshop with financial service providers, crisis services, housing providers, real estate agents and government agencies. The participants designed solutions that could help prevent a housing or financial crisis occurring and remove this as a barrier to someone seeking a pathway to safety.

The ideas generated are now being considered for prototyping and piloting.

Watch this short video on the Family Safety Hub’s second challenge: