How it works

Innovation process

The Family Safety Hub works by bringing the right people together to:

An overview of the Family Safety Hub [PDF 200KB]

Listen and co-design—improve understanding

We are working together to improve understanding of the needs of people experiencing domestic and family violence and to identify priority challenges and opportunities for change. Find out more about what we have learnt so far.

Challenge—generate new ideas

With each challenge, we aim to improve understanding and generate new ideas to solve some of the toughest problems contributing to domestic and family violence. Experts from a variety of backgrounds, sectors and industries get together to drive breakthrough thinking on ways to solve the challenges. People with lived experience and those who use or work in the domestic and family violence service system test the best ideas to determine their potential.

Pilot, learn and refine—trial the most promising ideas

Over several intensive sessions, the most promising ideas are tuned into proposals for pilots, including project plans and required resources. Through the pilots,we trial and refine the ideas through lessons learnt. The aim is to demonstrate value within the first 100 days as well as the potential to scale up across the service system.

Scale and embed solutions—create lasting change

We then plan how to scale up and embed the most effective solutions to change the service system for the better. This includes seeking support through Government and other channels as appropriate to change traditional responses, make a real difference, and create safety for families and partners. Find out more about why we need the Family Safety Hub.

What’s happening now?

The Family Safety Hub has completed challenges related to two priority topics. Read about what is happening now