How it came about

Co-designed with the community

The Family Safety Hub is a new way of working with the community to change our approach to, and understanding of, domestic and family violence.

The ACT Government and community co-designed the Family Safety Hub during 12-months of consultation about what was working and what wasn’t with the current system. This involved more than 50 frontline workers from across family violence, legal, health and children’s and other community services, as well as people with lived experience, including women who have experienced violence and men who have used violence.

We learnt that developing a Family Safety Hub to directly coordinate services or provide case management for clients would not solve the current barriers people face in getting the right support. What we need is innovation to create change.

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A first for Australia

The Family Safety Hub was officially launched on 11 May 2018. The ACT Government is committed to providing the time and freedom to try this innovative approach to co-designing new pathways to safety and creating change across the community.

Reviews highlighted need for change

The Family Safety Hub grew out of three reviews in 2016: the Review into the system level responses to family violence in the ACT by Laurie Glandield AM, the Review of Domestic and Family Violence Deaths in the ACT by the Domestic Violence Prevention Council, and the Domestic Violence Service System Gap Analysis by the ACT Government’s Community Services Directorate. These all made findings about the critical importance of services working together to provide an effective response to family violence.
In June 2016, the ACT Government accepted the findings and announced the first full-time Coordinator-General for Family Safety and a dedicated a Family Safety Hub to implement a collaborative and integrated approach to services.

Funding for the Family Safety Hub

The 2018–19 Budget allocated $5.961 million over four years for the Family Safety Hub. It is part of the Family Safety Framework commitment of $24.1 million—the largest collective effort to address domestic and family violence across government and community organisations in Canberra’s history. The Family Safety Hub is funded through the $30 Family Safety Levy per household.

What’s the latest?

The community sector generated nearly 60 ideas for the Hub’s first challenge topic: What is happening now.