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Safeguards and quality assurance frameworks that currently exist to protect people in the ACT sit under the ACT Disability Services Act 1991External Link and related instruments. This Act applies to all specialist disability service providers in the ACT regardless of whether they are an NDIS provider.

The Human Services Registrar (HSR) is responsible for administering the Disability Services Act 1991External Link and related instruments. It also regulates the sector to ensure compliance with standards established under law.

Specialist Disability Service Providers have mandated ongoing reporting obligations to the HSR, these include:

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Agreement

The ACT will regulate disability service providers registered to deliver supports under the NDIS until 30 June 2019. This means that all regulatory oversight, including registration assessments, compliance reviews, complaints investigations and critical incident reports will be overseen by the ACT Government through the Human Services Registrar (HSR).

Further information is available on the NDIS Website: https://www.ndis.gov.au/providers/quality-and-safeguards/act-registering-providerExternal Link
Under agreement with the federal government, pending the development of and transition to a nationally consistent quality and safeguarding approach under the NDIS, existing jurisdictional safeguards will be maintained.

In the ACT these safeguards include:

From 1 July 2019, all disability service providers registered to deliver supports under the NDIS will be overseen by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards CommissionExternal Link
The Commission, established through an amendment to the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013, gives effect to the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework and will have responsibility for the registration and oversight of disability service providers delivering supports under the NDIS from 1 July 2019 in all jurisdictions except Western Australia.

All providers registered with the NDIA will be transitioned into the Commission in phases. There will be four phases for transition and the phase determines the time by which a provider must have undergone the Commission’s certification or verification process. In the coming months, organisations regulated by the HSR will need to prepare to be audited against relevant NDIS Practice Standards.

Each registered provider will be allocated a phase which relates to the level of risk the organisation carries. This is contingent on the risk associated with registration groups, size and complexity of the organisation and whether the organisation holds registrations in a number of jurisdictions. All currently registered providers will receive advice on phasing, and the timeframes relevant to you, from the Commission on transfer of registration.


Whether or not they are registered with the NDIA, Specialist Disability Service providers are required to comply with:

If you require further clarification, please contact our office on quality@act.gov.au or on 02 6207 5474.