Community Care and Protection Service Provider

The information contained in these pages provide guidance to entities applying to be approved as a suitable entity under the Children and Young People Act 2008 to provide a Community Care and Protection Service (CCPS) or Services. The Care and Protection Organisation Standards seeks to contribute to a well governed and managed community care and protection sector that strives for excellence and to achieve the best possible outcomes with children and young people.

The criteria for assessing organisations on their suitability to provide community care and protection services has been developed following a review of systems in place in comparable sectors nationally and internationally, and through consultation with service providers, the Commissioner for Children and Young People, the Public Advocate of the ACT and Child and Youth Protection Service.

The Care and Protection Organisation Standards have been developed to reflect the intent of the strategy and therefore includes a strong focus on participation, strong and consistent relationships, flexible organisations, and promoting the emotional, cultural, physical and psychological safety of children and young people, their families, communities and carers.

How an organisation views staff, families and carers will impact on how children and young people are viewed by staff, families and carers. The criteria seeks to reflect the Director-General’s values relating to children and young people and to promote the consistency of these values in community organisations that deliver care and protection services on behalf of the ACT Government.

For detailed guidance on the Human Services Registrar’s regulatory oversight functions of Care and Protection Organisations see the following guidelines and the Care and Protection Organisation Standards:

Care and Protection Organisations and Responsible Persons – Suitability Approval Application Guidelines 20018 External link
Approved Care and Protection Organisation – Monitoring GuidelinesExternal link
Approved Care and Protection Organisation - Intervention GuidelinesExternal link
Care and Protection Organisation Standards 2018External link

If you need any further information please contact the Human Services Registrar on or on (02) 6207 5474.