Learn About the Official Visitor— Self Advocacy Kit
Easy English

Learn About the Official Visitor— Self Advocacy Kit Easy English [PDF 902KB]

What is the Official Visitor Scheme?

The Official Visitor Scheme helps people with disability get better services.

It can make sure

Who is the Official Visitor Scheme is for?

The scheme is for people who with disability who live in

How can I find out more about the job Official Visitor does?

Watch the three videos that tell you more about the Official Visitor.

You and the Official Visitor

The 1st video is called You and the Official Visitor.

This video will tell you

Support to Speak to the Official Visitor

You have someone to support you to talk to the Official Visitor.

You should ask a person who

This might be a friend, a family member, an advocate or other supporter.


Support to make contact with the Official Visitor

You can ask another person to contact the Official Visitor for you.

Your service provider must contact the Official Visitor if you ask them to.

They must do this in 24 hours.

You have the right to privacy.

You do not have to tell anyone what you talk to the Official Visitor about.

You Can Speak Up

The 2nd video is called You Can Speak Up.

Watch this to learn about how to

When should you talk to the Official Visitor?

All people have rights. You should talk to the Official Visitor when you think your rights are not being met.

You might talk to the Official Visitor about your right to


Why should I speak up?

You should speak up to make things right.

When something does not feel right then it probably is not right.

It is important to tell someone how you feel.

Telling someone that something is wrong is called a complaint.

This is a way to make things right.

You Have Rights

The 3rd video is called You Have Rights

Watch this video to learn more about your rights.

You will learn that you have the right to

Contact the Official Visitor

Phone: 1800 150 036
Email: publictrustee@act.gov.au
Website:https://www.ptg.act.gov.au/contactExternal Link


Page updated: 26 Feb 2020