Information Sharing - Entity

Information Sharing Entities in the Act (s859) include:

The Chief Executive or delegate may share safety and well being information with an Information Sharing Entity. An Information Sharing Entity may ask for or give to the Chief Executive or delegate information relevant to the safety or wellbeing of a child or young person. (ss 860 and 861). When gathering information, advise people of the authority and refer them to relevant information at

Information exchanged between the Chief Executive or delegate and an Information Sharing Entity is obtained as part of a cooperative and collegiate relationship between the people seeking to ensure informed responses are provided for children and young people under the Act.

The Act compels an Information Sharing Entity to provide information when requested by the Chief Executive or delegate. The Act does not compel the Chief Executive to provide information.

Information requests should be responded to promptly and, in identified emergencies, within 24 hours of a request having been made.

Information Sharing Entities and the Chief Executive or delegates have obligations and responsibilities regarding the information exchanged or obtained. Details are provided in the Information Sharing Policy and Procedure Guidelines or at

Accurate and contemporaneous records of information shared and requested concerning a child or young person must be kept by Information Sharing Entities.