Declared Care Team

Declared Care Teams promote coordinated and planned services for children, young people and their families and facilitate the sharing of information among its members.

A Care Team must be declared for each individual child or young person.

The Chief Executive may consider a person or entity to be a member of a Care Team for a child or young person if satisfied that the person/entity is responsible for coordinating or delivering a service or care to the child or young person or their family members under this Act or for a criminal proceeding under another Territory law.

Providing care to a child or young person does not automatically make a person a member of the child or young person’s declared Care Team. A person must be formally declared.

Care Teams may be declared by authorised delegates of the Chief Executive in Care and Protection Services or Youth Justice. There should only be one Care Team for a child or young person.

The Chief Executive or delegate is a member of every Care Team. The Care Team Coordinator is generally the worker from the relevant program area that declared the Care Team or as otherwise agreed between CPS and YJ.

Care Team members may share information with the Chief Executive and/or with each other when it is in the best interests of child or young person to do so. Information exchanged should promote the best interests of the child or young person and undertaken as part of a cooperative and collegiate process to inform decision making for the child or young person.

Information shared among Care Team members should be shared with the Care Team Coordinator to ensure informed decision making is achieved. It is not necessary to share information with all other Care Team members solely because you are a member of a Care Team.

Declared Care Team members are Information Holders under the Act. All information received as a member of a declared Care Team is protected information.

If, as a member of a Care Team, you are also an Information Sharing Entity (s859), you must comply with a request for information from the Chief Executive.

Care Team members must maintain accurate records of decisions to share information within a Care Team.

The Chief Executive may make instructions under the Act for Care Teams and members are required to comply with these instructions. This could include more specific information sharing processes.

Additional information is available at or by contacting the Care Team Coordinator.