Care Team - Record Keeping for Members

If you are a member of a Care Team for a child or young person you should:-

  1. Keep a copy of the Care Team Declaration Form (if provided) on the file you have relating to that child or young person.
  2. Identify records of information provided and obtained within the Care Team and indicate on those records that they relate to the Care Team for that child or young person. Ensure that the records clearly identify that the information within the file is obtained under the Children and Young People Act 2008 and the provision of information in the file must comply with the secrecy requirements of the Children and Young People Act 2008. Reference may be made to the information available at
  3. Ensure that access to the records is only provided to those with a need to know, particularly if they are your representative on the Care Team in your absence.
  4. Ensure that accurate records are made at the time you provide or obtain information from Care Team members. Check your records to ensure that the other person is a continuing member of the Care Team.
  5. Ensure all emails and documents provided as part of the Care Team form part of the record.
  6. If there is a change to the membership of a Care Team you will be advised of this change by the Care Team coordinator.