Melaleuca Place Anniversary

Melaleuca Place | Making a difference

Some of Canberra’s most disadvantaged children are finding hope for the future through the work of Melaleuca Place.Melaleuca Place anniversary

In the year since it was established Melaleuca Place has made real ground in addressing the needs of children and young people who have experienced severe abuse or neglect, children who have endured really tough circumstances.

One child who is being supported through Melaleuca Place is Dean (not his real name) who grew up suffering extreme neglect and abuse.

He is only ten years old.

He has witnessed domestic violence and substance misuse. He has been physically and emotionally abused and worse.

Therapists at Melaleuca Place undertook an assessment and drew up a plan to address Dean’s short-term and longer-term needs.

In an approach that engages Dean’s support networks, including his teachers and carer, Dean is now exhibiting increased self-worth, resilience, emotional wellbeing, social skills and confidence. His engagement and performance at school has improved. This is how Melaleuca Place has a significant and lasting effect on lives of children and young people.

Melaleuca Place is a key initiative that supports the ACT Government’s A Step Up for Our Kids strategy, and is complemented by the deployment of therapeutic assessors who ensure all children in care receive a trauma-informed response.