What does the new Strategy mean for CYPS Staff?

A Step Up for Our Kids will reduce duplication in the role of government and non-government services, giving service providers greater autonomy and responsibility in providing stable, long term care for children and young people. In preparation of this new service system, Child and Youth Protection Services (CYPS) staff have undergone an internal restructure and revised policies and processes to support this. Over time, the role of CYPS will shift to provide more focus on those areas that prevent children and young people from entering care.

The implementation of new services under A Step Up for Our Kids began in 2015 and will continue through 2016-17. CYPS will continue to work closely with carers, children and young people, service providers, families, and other key stakeholders to ensure that integrity of the service system and continuity of services are maintained for children and young people in care.

An Information Sheet on A Step Up for Our Kids for CYPS staff is available to provide further information.