Children, Youth and Families feedback and complaints

How can we improve our services? We want to hear your views and experiences.

Contact the Complaints and Client Services team to provide feedback or make a complaint.

Call: (02) 6207 5294

You can also speak with your CYPS Case Manager, if you have one:

Call the North Team: (02) 6207 1069
Call the South Team: (02) 6207 1466

Are you unhappy with a decision CYPS made?  You have the right to speak up.  See the information on Decision Reviews to find out more.

Making a complaint:

Are you unhappy with the services provided by, or on behalf of, the Community Services Directorate?

You have the right to provide feedback on services, ask for explanations or make complaints.

When you make a complaint, you will:

Your Complaint will be managed in accordance with the Complaints Policy.

Resolving your complaint

Complaints are usually best resolved by talking to the person who provided the service or has made the decisions concerning you or your family.

You can also talk to the Complaints and Client Services (CCS) team.

CCS will:

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can escalate it.  Firstly, you should request a CSD Internal Review.

Page updated: 19 Jul 2022