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In a life threatening emergency dial Triple Zero (000)
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Young People who Volunteer

Indicator description

The proportion of young people who have undertaken voluntary work.

What do we measure?

The proportion of young people aged 12-25 years in the ACT who have undertaken voluntary work in the last 12 months. The ABS defines a volunteer as someone who willingly provides unpaid help, in the form of time, service or skills, through an organisation or group. People completing unpaid work under some form of compulsion because of employment (e.g. work for the dole) or as part of study commitments are excluded from this measure.

Previously the data for this measure was sourced from the General Social Survey. For 2018, additional data was also sourced from the Mission Australia Youth Survey and Youth Coalition ACT's Rate Canberra.

Why is this important?

Participation in voluntary work provides important outcomes for both individuals and the broader community. Volunteer work provides young people with many key skills supporting their transition to adulthood and in becoming active citizens.81 Research indicates that volunteering enhances social cohesion, strengthens communities and provides benefits to the volunteer themselves, such as physical and psychological wellbeing and skill development.

Policy Context

The ACT Government is committed to supporting volunteers and the organisations that engage them. In 2017, the ACT Government refreshed the ACT Volunteering Statement,82 outlining principles to ensure volunteering is recognised, valuable, diverse and supported. This was further supported through the ACT Volunteer Statement Action Plan 2018-2021, a whole-of-government and community approach to supporting and recognising volunteers.

Through the action plan the ACT Government, in partnership with Volunteering and Contact ACT, will support a continuing growth in volunteering and recognition of the contribution volunteers make to our community.

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a leading youth-led committee initiated by the ACT Community Services Directorate. The council provides young people aged 12-25 years with an opportunity to take a leading role in participation and consultation activities. One of the objectives of the YAC is to facilitate interaction between young people, the ACT Government and the wider community. YAC members volunteer their time through a number of means including:

  • representing the views of young people sitting on community and government committees
  • hosting consultations in the ACT community
  • volunteering at events as council representatives
  • partaking in forums and roundtables
  • attending and participating in community events.

The ACT Government in collaboration with community sector continues its ongoing effort towards creating opportunities for young people to engage in meaningful activities that have positive impact in their lives.

How is the ACT Progressing?

General Social Survey Summary Results, Australia, 2014

Table 63: Proportion (%) of ACT and Australian young people aged 18-24 years who volunteered, 2006, 2010 and 2014













note ABS General Social Survey 2014 results reported as 2018 results unpublished at time of publication release. Mission Australia Youth Survey 2017

Table 64: Proportion (%) of ACT young people aged 15-19 years involved in activities, 2015-17





Volunteer work




Sports (as a participant)




Student leadership activities




Youth groups/clubs




Religious group/activity




Environmental group/activity




Political group/organisations




Source: Mission Australia Youth Survey 2017, Table 3.7.

note A total of 24,055 young people aged 15-19 years responded to Mission Australia's Youth Survey 2017. A total of 745 (3%) young people from the ACT 15-19 years responded to the survey.

Youth Coalition of the ACT's Rate Canberra Report 2016

Source: Youth Coalition of the ACT's Rate Canberra Report 2016.

Source: Youth Coalition of the ACT's Rate Canberra Report 2016.

Source: Youth Coalition of the ACT's Rate Canberra Report 2016.

Source: Youth Coalition of the ACT's Rate Canberra Report 2016. note A total of 2,052 young people aged between 12 and 25 years participated in the Youth Coalition Rate Canberra survey in 2016 which equates to approximately 2.6 per cent of the total estimated 78,000 young Canberrans aged 12-25 years.

Data from both Mission Australia Youth Survey and Youth Coalition's Rate Canberra Reports indicate volunteering and sports are top activities for young people in the ACT. This suggests that the majority of young people have a positive view of volunteering as an activity to be involved in.Couple

81 Mofit L and Volunteering Tasmania 2011, Engaging Young People in Volunteering: What works in Tasmania?, Volunteering Tasmania.
82 ACT Government 2017, ACT Volunteering Statement 2017