Overseas Qualifications Assessments (OQA)

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ACT Government, through the Community Participation Group, provides free assessments of overseas higher education qualifications for permanent residents living in the ACT. This service is also available for refugees, asylum seekers and humanitarian entrants living in the ACT.

The assessment broadly compares an overseas qualification to an Australian qualification, using the Australian Qualifications FrameworkExternal Link.

We are only able to assess higher education qualifications that are listed in the AEI-NOOSR Country Education ProfilesExternal Link.

If you have qualifications from a country that is not listed, an AEI-NOOSR assessment may be appropriate for you. AEI-NOOSR assessments are for general purposes only and are not for the purposes of study, migration or entry to a particular occupation or profession. Please visit the AEI-NOOSRExternal Link website for more information.