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Citizenship ceremonies
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Schedule of Australian Citizenship Ceremonies

Becoming a citizen represents a commitment to Australia and its people. It gives a sense of belonging because you can fully participate in all aspects of Australian life.

Citizenship Ceremonies

The final step in the journey to become an Australian citizen, for most people, is to make the Australian Citizenship Pledge at an Australian citizenship ceremony. Once your application has been approved, you will be invited to attend your ceremony. Generally, it takes three to six months from the time your application is approved to be invited to a ceremony.

Citizenship ceremonies are special events. They fulfil requirements under Australian citizenship law. They also provide an important opportunity to officially welcome new citizens as full members of the Australian community.

For further information on becoming an Australian citizen, please visit the Australian Government website Link or contact the Department of Home Affairs on 131 880.

Most citizenship ceremonies across Australia are organised and hosted by local councils. In the ACT, there are no local councils, and the majority of citizenship ceremonies are organised and hosted by the ACT Government's Community Services Directorate.

On some occasions, separate ceremonies are hosted in Canberra by the Australian Government's Department of Home Affairs.

To enable our local and federal representatives to welcome new citizens, the dates of the ceremonies have been selected by taking into account the sitting days of the local and federal parliaments.

The length of the ceremony is normally between 60-90 minutes, depending on the number of candidates. Candidates are required to arrive at the venue prior to the commencement of the ceremony to register their attendance and to complete their electoral enrolment forms.

Special seats are reserved at the ceremony for candidates. Other seating arrangements are available for guests, but these seats are limited and some guests may have to stand during the ceremony.

The ACT Government is proud to host citizenship ceremonies on behalf of the Department of Home Affairs. Our role in welcoming new citizens to Canberra is one we greatly value and hope our newest citizens enjoy.

The Department of Home Affairs is responsible for all matters in relation to applications for Australian citizenship, including citizenship ceremonies. Information relating to your citizenship application, including how to apply, standard processing times, and where to find the status of your application can be found on the Department of Home Affairs websiteExternal Link

Please do not contact the ACT Government on these matters. We are unfortunately unable to help you as we do not have access to this information.


Every year the ACT Government provides an annual schedule of ceremony dates in the ACT to Department of Home Affairs.

Department of Home Affairs is then responsible for allocating the names of the individuals who will be conferred Australian citizenship against the list of dates that the ACT Government has provided. The ACT Government has no influence over which individuals will be allocated into which date. That is the responsibility of Department of Home Affairs.

After Department of Home Affairs has allocated names against a ceremony date, it then provides that list to the ACT Government, usually 2-3 weeks prior to each ceremony. The ACT Government then writes to those individuals to provide relevant details in relation to their ceremony. That is the extent of our involvement in this process.

At no stage does the ACT Government have access to an annual listing of individual names for each of the ceremonies.

Read more information regarding Schedule of Australian Citizenship Ceremonies


The ACT Government does not process or assess citizenship applications at any stage. That is the responsibility of Department of Home Affairs and you will need to contact Department of Home Affairs directly.


All details provided on your Citizenship Certificate is the responsibility of Department of Home Affairs and you will need to contact Department of Home Affairs directly.

Urgent Citizenship Conferral

If you have an urgent and specific circumstance which requires you to have your citizenship ceremony urgently, you must contact Department of Home Affairs and discuss it with them as soon as possible. The ACT Government has no authority to schedule or reschedule your ceremony date.


If you need to change the date of your ceremony Department of Home Affairs can generally accommodate you but you will need to let Department of Home Affairs know as soon as possible.