The Multicultural E-News Bulletin is an electronic newsletter. It is intended to raise the profile of community based events that are of relevance to the multicultural community. The newsletter is primarily intended to assist individuals and organisations who may have limited capacity to promote their event. For this reason, the newsletter may not be appropriate for mainstream and commercial events.

To ensure your event has maximum attendance, we will include your submissions in Multicultural eNews for up to one month prior to the event.

Please send details of events you wish to advertise to oma@act.gov.au. Submissions should be received by no later than Monday of the week you wish to advertise in the eNews Bulletin.

We reserve the right to edit submissions for space or stylistic reasons. Due to the number of submissions received, we cannot acknowledge receipt or guarantee publication of all submissions.

To obtain a copy of the eNews Bulletin please contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs on (02) 6207 0555 or email oma@act.gov.au.