Tenants' Consultative Group

The Tenants Consultative Group (TCG) is made up of public housing tenants and Housing ACT staff, and meets regularly to discuss Housing ACT policies and services. The TCG is a voluntary group for public housing tenants who want to have a voice and make a difference for all tenants.

What does the TCG do?

Members of the TCG work together to discuss solutions that lead to improved services. The TCG allows tenants to participate in shaping the way that public housing is delivered in the ACT. It also helps to develop a strong partnership between Housing ACT and tenants.

Members of the TCG do not have a representative function and do not solve personal issues relating to specific tenancies.

Meeting Updates

TCG members want to make sure that the group’s work activities are made public and are accessible to all public housing tenants. A summary report of the meetings will be regularly published here:

Achievements for 2016-18 term

Meeting - Friday 24 August 2018
Meeting - Friday 13 July 2018
Meeting - Friday 25 May 2018
Meeting - Friday 20 April 2018
Meeting - Friday 9 March 2018

How can I become a member of the TCG?

TCG members are selected by Housing ACT through an application process to become members for a two year term. The current TCG term will run from 2018-20.