Common Ground Canberra

Common Ground Canberra Housing

Common Ground Canberra represents a new era in safe, stable housing for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

The ACT Government, with support of the Commonwealth Government, invested $18 million to build Common Ground Canberra, which was officially opened in July 2015. Common Ground Canberra is a 40 unit apartment complex which provides high quality, safe, secure accommodation with support services on site that are critical to helping break the cycle of homelessness.

At Common Ground Canberra, 20 units are home to people who have experienced homelessness, and 20 units are dedicated to affordable renters. Common Ground Canberra strives to create a strong, vibrant community through a commitment to social inclusion that is provided in a safe and supportive, diverse, harmonious and inclusive community.

It received significant community support from groups like the Common Ground Canberra groupExternal Link, who, along with the late Ms Elizabeth Dawson, were the driving force in lobbying both the ACT and Commonwealth governments to establish a Common Ground in the ACT. Common Ground Canberra also received tremendous support from businesses and the community, such as the Snow Foundation, who pledged $500,000 early on; and IKEA Canberra who provided all the furniture, furnishings, and home wares for 20 units and common areas.

Other groups include the Canberra Quilters who handmade beautiful quilts for each tenant, the Uniting Church Gungahlin who provided welcome packs, the Majura Men’s Shed who built BBQ settings, and the Orana Steiner School who made bean bags and hand crafted breadboards, are amongst many other generous community donors.

Common Ground Canberra can be held up an excellent example of government, community and private sector working together for a common cause in supporting the most disadvantaged in our community.

Common Ground Canberra Factsheet