Eligibility for Social Housing


(Each person is assessed individually)

  • You must be 16 years or older
  • Each applicant is in Australia lawfully and is not subject to a time limit imposed by law
  • Each applicant is a resident in the Territory and has been a resident for a period of 6 months immediately before the assessment date
  • As from 05 March 2019 the income barriers applying to rental housing assistance are as follows:

Single Applicant

$735 gross per week

Family of two persons and joint tenancies

$919 gross per week

Family of three or more persons

$919 plus $123 each for the third, fourth, fifth person etc.

Rental Rebate

25% of gross weekly income

Please check with Housing ACT for further information

  • Your personal assets (not counting furniture, clothing and one vehicle) must not be worth more than $40,000
  • You must not own any residential property
  • These conditions apply when you register for assistance, while you are on the applicant list, and when you  are allocated a dwelling.