Shared Equity Scheme

The Shared Equity Scheme is an alternative home purchase opportunity for social housing tenants. The Scheme is possible through a partnership between Housing ACT and IMB Limited.

The Scheme provides eligible tenants to purchase 70% of their Housing ACT property upfront, with IMB providing the finance. The remaining 30% equity of the property remains with Housing ACT. The purchaser agrees to progressively purchase this equity from Housing ACT over a maximum 15 year period.

The following documents outline the various aspects of the Shared Equity Scheme including eligibility criteria, processes and details on how to express an interest in purchasing your Housing ACT home:


Shared Equity Scheme Policy [PDF 354KB] [Word 156KB]

Information Kit

Shared Equity Scheme Factsheet [PDF 291KB] [Word 877KB]
Steps in the Shared Equity Process [PDF 51kB] [Word 887B]
Shared Equity Scheme Frequently Asked Questions [PDF 251KB] [Word 140KB]
Sale Price Valuation Guidelines [PDF 330KB] [Word 882KB]
Registration of Interest to Purchase Form [PDF 309KB] [Word 150KB]

Post Settlement Forms

Valuation Request [PDF 232KB] [Word 145KB]
Notice of Intended Refinance [PDF 232KB] [Word 146KB]
Notice of Intended Sale [PDF 222KB] [Word 149KB]
Notice of Intention of Increase Equity Scheme [PDF 233KB] [Word 147KB]