Buying a Government Property

If you have been a Housing ACT tenant for at least three years, you may be able to buy your government home.

An independent valuation will establish the price of the house. Any improvements you have made will be considered, and an allowance made. You will have to pay an administration fee.

You cannot buy your home if:

  • It has been purchased or upgraded by the Housing ACT in the past five years
  • It has been identified for redevelopment
  • It is in an area of low housing ownership
  • It does not have separate title (e.g. medium density housing, aged persons' units and rural dwellings may not have separate title).

Sale to Tenant Scheme

The Sale To Tenant Scheme is aimed at providing a home ownership opportunity to public housing tenants and is consistent with the Public Housing reforms.

Shared Equity Scheme

The Shared Equity Scheme is an alternative home purchase opportunity for social housing tenants. The scheme is possible through a partnership between Housing ACT and IMB Limited.

The Scheme provides eligible tenants to purchase 70% of their Housing ACT property upfront, with IMB providing the finance. The remaining 30% equity of the property remains with Housing ACT. The purchaser agrees to progressively purchase this equity from Housing ACT over a maximum 15 year period.

More information and assistance on how to buy a Government property can be obtained by contacting Housing ACT.