Parking in Multi Unit Complexes

Vehicle Storage and Use of Parking Spaces in Multi Unit Complexes


The purpose of this document is to outline the policy associated with the use of vehicle parking spaces at multi unit complexes.


Housing ACT intends to ensure that the external environment at complexes is kept in a safe and tidy condition.

Housing ACT will:

  • ensure a safe and pleasant environment for tenants and visitors.
  • ensure that tenants have equity in accessing available parking spaces.

Tenancy Agreements require tenants to meet certain conditions in their use of vehicle parking spaces.


Each tenancy is limited to the use of one or a maximum of two parking spaces in those instances where a sufficient number of parking spaces are available.

  • Vehicles must be mobile.
  • Vehicles must be kept safe and be secured.
  • Vehicles must not be hazardous, offensive or unsightly.
  • Vehicles must be parked only in the parking spaces provided.