Safer Families Assistance

Safer Families Assistance [PDF 277KB]

What does Safer Families Assistance provide?

Safer Families Assistance provides financial assistance to people affected by domestic and family violence. It is the provision of $2,000 worth of assistance to help with costs associated with maintaining or establishing a home in the ACT.

Who is eligible for the Safer Families Assistance?

Safer Families Assistance is available to people who are seeking to establish or re-establish a home following the experience of domestic and family violence. Single people and families are eligible to apply for assistance. Currently, the income barriers to receiving Safer Families Assistance are:

Single applicant with no dependents - $1787 gross per week

Family of two persons - $2382 gross per week

Family of three or more persons - $2382 gross per week plus $238 each additional person.

How do I apply?

If you are eligible, please fill out the application form. A service in the Territory that works to address family violence must refer your application to Housing ACT. Services include:

What kind of expenses are covered?

Safer Families Assistance covers expenses associated with sustaining or re-establishing a family home. This includes, but is not limited to:

For more assistance or information, please telephone Gateway Services on 133 427.