Repairs – Most Common Charges for Vacated Properties

Most common charges for Tenant Responsible Maintenance (TRM) at Vacated Properties

Trade Unit of Measure Brief Description Approximate Cost (Incl GST)
Cleaning DWELLING Internally and externally clean dwelling - 1 bedroom to 5 bedroom (includes removal of rubbish up to 1 cubic metre) TBA
Cleaning EACH Additional Loads of rubbish per cubic metre TBA
Cleaning HOUR Make good and tidy yard TBA
>Cleaning DWELLING Steam clean and shampoo carpets - 1 bedroom to 6 bedroom TBA
Cleaning DWELLING Washing of walls, ceilings and woodwork - 1 bedroom to 5 bedroom TBA
Cleaning ROOM Washing walls, ceiling and woodwork per room - small room to large room TBA
Cleaning EACH Removal of large items, furniture or equipment TBA
Cleaning ROOM Remove stickers, transfers, hooks, nails, screws etc from walls, woodwork, ceiling and both sides of doors. TBA
General EACH Renew aluminium fixed flyscreen to window - complete TBA

*These rates are only valid during the 2018-2019 financial year.