Caravans as Temporary Residential Space Policy


The purpose of this document is to outline the policy associated with the temporary use of a caravan or similar mobile unit to alleviate a short term problem relating to the size or physical nature of a tenant's dwelling.


Tenants who are experiencing hardship, for example overcrowding or family conflict, may seek permission from Housing ACT to temporarily site a caravan or other similar mobile unit at their home to overcome the problem in the short term until a long term or permanent solution can be put in place.


Where a tenant wishes to site a caravan or mobile unit at their home, they must seek prior written permission from the Commissioner for Social Housing.

The proposed siting must be for a maximum of 6 months, by which time a permanent solution to the hardship should be achievable. If a permanent solution is unlikely to be achieved within that time frame, initial permission will not be granted.

Permission will only be granted for siting of a caravan or mobile unit in the rear yard of a free standing dwelling, and must comply with all ACT Planning and Land Authority requirements, as well as any requirements from ACTEWAGL for electricity connections.

For the purposes of rental rebate assessment, any person occupying a caravan or mobile unit will considered to be a normal member of the household.