Terms of Reference

Industry Strategy Steering Group – Terms of Reference

Purpose and Timeframe

These Terms of Reference govern the operation of the Industry Strategy Steering Group. The Steering Group is a subcommittee of the Joint Community Government Reference Group (JCGRG). The JCGRG has the authority to review these terms of reference.

The purpose of the Steering Group is to monitor the implementation of the ACT Community Services Industry Strategy 2016-2026 (Industry Strategy). The Steering Group will continue until the work has been completed, which is anticipated to be in 2026, although members will be able to renew or cease their membership on an annual basis.

The Industry Strategy is available from the following websites of CMTEDD, ACTCOSS and CSD:


The role of the Steering Group is to:



The Strategy sets out a 10 year vision for the ACT Community Services Industry (Industry) and identifies the priority areas in need of response, as well as the desired outcomes the Industry hopes to achieve over the life of the Strategy.

The first action plan focuses on workforce development and includes key initiatives to build the Industry’s capabilities, achieve the desired strategic outcomes and improve the overall sustainability of the community sector.

There are other priorities for industry development in the industry strategy beyond workforce development, including infrastructure development (e.g. ICT needed to enable better generation and use of data) and administrative reform (e.g. funding arrangements, regulation).

It is anticipated the Strategy will be implemented via three year plans with the final year of implementation being used for evaluation and future forecasting.


The Industry Strategy is intended to be industry led and therefore the membership of the Steering Group should come primarily from the sector.

Members of the JCGRG are able to nominate representatives from their organisations.

A chair or convenor for the Steering Group is appointed by the JCGRG.

The Steering Group is open to people who are not JCGRG members, as determined by the JCGRG. Priorities for membership include service providers, funders, consumers and unions.

Membership of the Steering Group will be reviewed every year.

Members who fail to attend three consecutive meetings without an apology may be deemed to have resigned from the Steering Group.

Members should notify the JCGRG co-chairs in writing of their intention to resign from the Steering Group.

Operation of the Steering Group

Meeting Schedule – the Steering Group will meet on a regular basis as determined by the JCGRG. Dates, times and locations will be determined by Steering Group.

The agenda will be approved by the chair of the Steering Group.

An agenda and papers will be distributed in the week prior to a meeting and minutes will be circulated no later than two weeks following a meeting.

Meetings are to be facilitated by the chair. Wherever possible, are to be made by consensus, or if consensus cannot be reached, by a majority vote of those members present. Significant issues with dissenting views should be referred to the JCGRG.

The chair is responsible for:

The Steering Group will report on a regular basis to the JCGRG, to provide advice and make recommendations. The JCGRG has the final responsibility for decisions.

Secretariat Support

Secretariat support to the Steering Group will be provided by Community Services Industry Relationships and Reform (CSIRR) in the Community Services Directorate. The Secretariat will support the chair and members by:


The JCGRG authorises the Steering Group, within the scope of its responsibilities, to:

Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest

Documentation outlining appropriate conduct in relation to conflict of interest and other issues is outlined in the ACT Government Boards and Committees Code of Conduct (ACT Government Boards and Committees Handbook 2009) and Code of Ethics (Section 9 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994 (PSM Act). These documents are available on request to all JCGRG and Steering Group members.

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