Ease of Restrictions

If you are in immediate danger Call 000
If you are escaping domestic and family violence call 6280 0900 (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
If you are homeless, or at immediate risk of homelessness, call 1800 176 468

Remain Respectful

Housing ACT staff are here to provide essential services and to assist you. Please remain respectful when speaking with the team.

Housing ACT has a zero-tolerance policy to any form of abuse.

Call 133 427

For general enquiries
To lodge a rebate form or housing application
To book an appointment to visit the shopfront

Or email Housing.CustomerService@act.gov.au

Call 1800 950 255

To speak with your Housing Manager

While the ACT eases out of lockdown, Housing ACT remains open online and over the phone.  
Before you visit the Central Access Point, please call or email using the details under ‘Contact Housing ACT’. If you need to visit us in person, please call 133 427 to book an appointment. Strict COVID safety measures will apply.

Call 6207 1500

To log a maintenance request
Email: 62071500@act.gov.au
SMS 0438 100 500

Maintenance services have resumed. Programmed can now attend your home to carry out maintenance.

Call 6207 1515

To lodge a complaint with
Housing ACT

Email: Housing.Complaints@act.gov.au

Alternatively post to:
Client Review and Response
Locked Bag 3000

Call 6207 1500

To lodge a complaint about maintenance, or
Email: 62071500@act.gov.au

About Housing ACT

Housing ACT helps those most in need to secure and sustain long-term and appropriate housing, alleviate social isolation, and build resilience - contributing to a safer, stronger and more inclusive community.

Homelessness Services

The ACT Government funds and oversees a range of services for people at risk of, or experiencing homelessness.


Proper maintenance ensures all Housing ACT are safe, clean and fit to live in.

Our Stories

Hear how the ACT Government is supporting Canberrans into safe, secure and affordable housing.

Our Projects

Find out more about how the ACT Government is delivering social housing for those in need, regardless of their circumstances or abilities.

Building Communities

Public housing provides opportunities for all Canberrans to live better lives, by encouraging social inclusion and participation to build stronger, more diverse communities.

ACT Housing Strategy: Growing and Renewing Public Housing

The Growing and Renewing Public Housing program is a plan to manage the public housing portfolio so that it meets current and future tenant needs.

Have a story to share?

Some of our tenants like to share stories about how living in public housing or relocating under the Growing and Renewal Housing Program has changed their lives for the better.

To share your story, please complete the Share your Story online form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions Housing ACT tenants may have during the ACT's COVID-19 lockdown.

Page updated: 23 May 2022