National Disability Insurance Scheme

Building the capacity of the ACT disability sector workforce

National Disability Service (NDS) has commenced a project to grow the disability workforce in the ACT to be better positioned to meet the requirements of the NDIS. NDS will implement a Collective Impact approach to engage stakeholders to explore, choose and develop ways to strengthen the base of potential and existing workers who are aware of, positively disposed towards and capable to work in the disability sector. This project will run for two years to May 2019 and is funded under the Commonwealth’s NDIS Sector Development Fund. For information contact NDS at 02 6283 3208 or visit www.nds.org.auExternal Link

For more information about accessing the NDIS in the ACT go to the NDIS websiteExternal Link

Role of ACT Government

In line with other states under the transition to the NDIS the ACT Government has withdrawn from the provision of specialist disability and therapy services provided by the Community Services Directorate and early intervention services provided by the Education and Training Directorate.

This will increase the range of non-government organisations working in this area, in line with the principles of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

With its work complete, Disability ACT wound up in June 2017. Disability ACT (DACT) provided support to 153 people with disability living in 55 households. By January 2017, six months ahead of schedule, all of the original 55 DACT households and people with disability who lived in DACT accommodation had successfully transitioned to new providers of their choice in the community sector. DACT continued until this time to work one-on-one with individuals from the Accommodation Support Service and their families to support them as they phased into the NDIS.

The ACT Office for Disability continues to provide strategic advice and practical assistance to enable people with disability to enjoy their rights as citizens of the ACT and to assist in the implementation of the NDIS in the ACT.