Digital Stories

In 2012 Disability ACT funded a digital story telling project for school leavers. This provided an opportunity for people to capture their own unique stories on a short 3-5 minute DVD. Participants reflected on their skills, characteristics, interests and dreams; and this information was then presented in a digital format.

Nine young people with a disability participated in the workshops. This audio-visual ‘snapshot’ of each person can assist with the goal of “telling my story once”. It can also be used as an introductory tool for prospective employers; involvement in activities; connecting with community or just to keep as a memento.

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The Enhanced Service Offer (ESO) grants Digital Stories project was funded to identify people who received grants and were keen to share their stories. The videos capture the changes people experienced through the ESO process and as they made choices and exercised control over some of their supports and services.

As the process began to take shape, transformations were observed for all the storytellers as they confronted personal challenges.
The outcome was poignant and powerful stories and discernible growth and increased opportunities for some of the storytellers. Apart from their unique and personal value, the finished products provide great material to stimulate other people with disabilities and their families about how they could do things differently to live more included lives.

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