Who is a companion?

A companion is any person who accompanies a cardholder for the purpose of providing attendant care support.

The cardholder's chosen companion may be a paid or unpaid assistant or carer, friend, family member or partner. The cardholder's companion will not necessarily be the same person each time.

What is Attendant care support?

Attendant care support includes significant assistance with mobility, communication, self-care or decision making, where the use of aids, equipment or alternative strategies does not enable the person to carry out these tasks independently.

Attendant care does not include providing reassurance or encouragement nor can it be for infrequent or unexpected events or medical emergencies.

The Companion Card cannot be issued to people who only require attendant care for social support, reassurance, encouragement or just-in-case-type of scenarios.

The Companion Card is not issued to every person who has a disability. The card is issued to people who can demonstrate that they would not be able to participate at most venues and activities without a companion, and that this need is life-long. A Companion Card cannot be issued if the applicant may become independent in the future as a result of treatment or management, training, recovery or developmental improvements. A Companion Card can only be issued when an ongoing need for a companion can be demonstrated.

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