How to Affiliate

Affiliation with the program is free.

Download and complete the Business Affiliation From here.

The Affiliation brochure provides information about the program and the affiliation process that can be downloaded from here.

The affiliation form and the brochure can also be mailed to you by contacting ACT Companion Card Program.

ACT Companion Card Program staff are available during business hours to respond to your queries regarding affiliation and assist you in completing the form.

On registration with the ACT Companion Card Program, you will receive promotional materials to assist your organisation to implement and communicate your acceptance of the Companion Card.

Affiliates agree to:

  • issue a minimum of one companion ticket at no charge to cardholders
  • accept a Companion Card issued in any Australian state or territory
  • have their business details listed on the Companion Card website
  • abide by the Companion Card Affiliate terms and conditions.

Any costs associated with providing a companion ticket are the responsibility of the affiliate.

Card features and securityCompanion Card

The Companion Card includes the cardholder's name, card number, card expiry date, as well as a photograph of the cardholder.

The card incorporates a number of security features that are provided to businesses affiliated with the program. Affiliates may use these features to verify cardholder information when taking telephone bookings or issuing tickets.

Cardholders must also renew their cards periodically and confirm their ongoing eligibility. It is also a requirement that cardholders advise the program of a change in their circumstances that may affect their eligibility to hold a card.


If you have questions about affiliating with the program, please contact ACT Office for Disability