Benefits of affiliation

Why affiliate?Companion Card Excepted here

The Companion Card provides a simple, consistent and reliable method of identifying people with a disability who require significant attendant care support to participate in activities and visit venues.

Affiliation will help you to

  • Increase your customer base and encourage repeat customers
  • Enhance a positive public image for your organisation
  • Assist your organisation to meet some of its obligations under anti-discrimination laws
  • Demonstrate your organisation's commitment to social inclusion

Affiliates are provided with promotional materials to show their support for the program. Details of affiliates are available online, making it easy for cardholders to search for venues and activities where the card is accepted.

A survey of Victorian cardholders in 2006 showed that since having a Companion Card, cardholders have more than doubled the number of times they go out from an average of 16 outings per year to 37 outings per year.

Who should affiliate?

Any business or organisation that charges an admission or participation fee for some or all products and services is encouraged to beome a business affiliate.

Organisations that do not issue tickets directly may also affiliate with the program. For example, a venue owner or funding body may make it a condition that all venue users or funding recipients comply with Companion Card Affiliate terms and conditions.

Affiliation with the Companion Card program is free. Any costs associated with providing a companion ticket are the responsibility of the business affiliate.

Acceptance of the Companion Card does not indicate that the venue/activity is accessible. Cardholders are advised to check accessibility with the participating business before booking tickets.