Affiliate BrochureThe Companion Card is an easy way for businesses and organisations to promote social inclusion for people with a disability and support carers in their role.

Strong support from the business sector is vital to the success of the Companion Card Program. Any business or organisation that charges an admission or participation fee is encouraged to consider officially joining the program as an Affiliate.

Organisations that do not issue tickets directly may also affiliate with the program. For example, a venue owner or funding body may make it a condition that all venue users or funding recipients comply with ACT Companion Card Program Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

Benefits of affiliation

Show your support to people with a disability, as well as their carers, and be promoted as a community-minded business (read more).

Becoming an affiliate

Affiliation is free and easy - simply complete the Business Affiliation Form.

Affiliate terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for businesses and organisation accepting the card. More information on affiliate terms and conditions

Order promotional material

Free promotional and information materials are available upon request.


If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate of the Companion Card or if you have questions about affiliating with the program, please contact ACT Companion Card Program.