The ACT COVID-19 Social Recovery Plan reflects the wide range of responsive and tailored services available across the Canberra community to ensure all aspects of social and economic life are supported as we emerge from COVID-19.

The Plan is underpinned by the emergency management cycle (shown below)  and reflects initiatives led by ACT Government, including programs underway and those planned for the future.

As we move forward, our focus remains on working together to build community safety and resilience. Through engaging with local knowledge to better understand and identify needs and strengths, we will develop local solutions and work to foster an environment of connected communities. This will see government, community partners, local business and all Canberrans work together to achieve this vision.Emergency management cycle

How we supported our COVID-19 recovery in 2021-22

Supporting financial barriers

  • Supporting living standards
  • Empowering Canberrans to better understand financial matters
  • Continued investment in emergency material, financial aid and financial counselling
  • Workplace and training opportunities

Building resilience through physical and mental health services

  • Investment in our community’s physical and mental health services
  • Supporting the health of children and families
  • Targeted programs for children, young people, schools, businesses, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, parents to be and people in the correctional service system
  • Investment through the youth-at-risk program, a territory‚Äźwide multidisciplinary and coordinated response to trauma and coordinated response to young people at risk of developing mental illness

Access to services and targeted supports for people experiencing vulnerabilities

  • COVID specific supports to assist groups who were unable to access services through mainstream health settings (such as the Access to Equity program and the Access and Sensory Clinic)
  • Dedicated support to build capacity in disability service providers, in turn ensuring Canberrans with disability are supported
  • Services moved to digital channels to ensure connection are maintained
  • Focus on reconnecting and rebuilding post COVID

Community cohesion and resilience

  • Rebuilding our social connections, identity and sense of belonging
  • Identifying capacities and assets within the community to enhance opportunities and establish strong effective community development at a local and regional level
  • Building and supporting collaborative practices between service providers
  • Monitoring and developing strategic responses to improve services in the children, youth and family services sector
  • Investment through the 2022-23 Budget to co-design a new Social Recovery Framework, to guide work into the future

Economic Support

  • Supporting community sector capacity and development services
  • Working with local business to support continued operation while building knowledge and awareness of compliance requirements and regulations
  • Investment in the Technology Upgrade Fund to enhance the capacity of organisations through improved communication platforms, digital service provision, online training and ICT equipment

The way forward | development of the social recovery framework

As we continue to adapt to the environment we are in, our focus remains on recovery. We are mindful that these challenges are not gone and that there is more work to be done.

Our next step is to develop the overarching Social Recovery Framework using co-design methodologies to ensure it is community centred. We will use lessons learned and the strong partnerships held with community partners, local business and industry. Aligned with existing national frameworks and contemporary practices and principles of social recovery, the Framework will guide and underpin social recovery planning preparedness work in the ACT.

Development of the social recovery framework

Download the ACT COVID-19 Social Recovery plan summary [PDF 2.7MB]

Page updated: 24 Nov 2022