Development of Play Skills


Normal development

When to seek help

  • Explores a variety of environments
  • Enjoys playing with a variety of toys and   textures
  • Is able to locate objects of interest and   point to objects to show others
  • Play happily next to other children and may be   starting to engage with one or two children
  • Starting to exchange toys during play with   others but still needs adult help to share or take turns
  • Plays simple imaginative games such as putting   doll to bed, feeding toys, driving a car
  • Joins in simple games with other children
  • Playing with toys in a repetitive way (eg: only banging together, lining toys up)
  • Not engaging with toys
  • Not imitating actions or routine play ideas
  • Not tolerating other children playing in same space
  • Doesn’t play with adults or children
  • Doesn’t play imaginative games (3 years old)
  • Becomes obsessed with certain objects
  • Not using toys as a while object but instead focussing on a particular part of the toy eg. only playing with wheels of cars
  • In their own world – not interacting with others